Dancing Pigs Farm makes it easy to fill your freezer with high quality, pasture raised heritage breed pork. We'll sell you a pig (or a share thereof), and we'll do all the work to raise it for you.  We'll assume all the risk inherent with raising livestock while you reap all the rewards.  It really couldn't be simpler.

We will walk you through three simple steps below and you will soon be feasting on 5 star restaurant quality pork right in your own home!
  1. Purchasing Your Pig
    Purchasing Your Pig
    A pig consists of 4 shares. You may purchase a share for $25. You may purchase as many shares as you like, assuming, of course, the animals are available. Remaining shares of your pig will be sold to someone else looking for quality pork. A share will typically translate to about 40 pounds of meat for your freezer; calculate the number of shares you need accordingly.
  2. Raising Your Pig
    Raising Your Pig
    We will raise your pig with the same diligence and care as we raise our own animals. Your pig will be pastured and raised naturally, supplementing their diet with local grain if and when it becomes necessary. We will deliver your pig to our local butcher when it weighs around 280-320 pounds. Our butcher will process the pig according to your instructions, wrapping and freezing your pork.
  3. Delivering Your Pig
    Delivering Your Pig
    You may pick up your pork at the farm at a previously arranged day and time or you may opt to take delivery at a pre-arranged drop off point. You must bring a suitable cooler to transport the meat. Payment in full must be received prior to delivery.
Understanding Shares:

A whole pig consists of 4 shares.  A whole pig may be owned by 1 - 4 people. If you order one share, you do not need to find a friend to purchase the other 3 shares: Dancing Pigs Farm will take care of that.  A share is not a literal quarter of the pig, i.e. the front quarter, but is a quarter of the animal's hanging weight.  Hanging weight is determined after the animal is delivered to our butcher, dispatched, skinned, and cleaned.  Typical hanging weight is around 70% of the live weight.  For a 300 pound pig, the hanging weight might be 210 pounds.  Of this 210 pounds, about 75% is the final weight, or the weight of the meat in the freezer. So, when all is said and done, a 300 pound pig should yield around 160 pounds of pork for the freezer.  A share would be a quarter of this, or about 40 pounds.  The hanging weight includes the bones, so it should be noted that trim cuts like bonless loin, ground pork or sausage, or boneless steaks discard the bones, so the take home weight might be less than the estimated 40 pounds.    Weights are estimated, animals are different - the weights of each animal will vary and the numbers and amounts given are only estimates. 

You may purchase your shares at any time during the pig's life, but payment must be made while the animal is still living on the farm.  Absolutely no shares will be sold after the slaughter.  You may purchase shares of a particular piglet and then wait until it is of the proper weight to be processed which might be close to a full year, or you may purchase a share of a larger animal which is closer to butchering weight.  It is dependent upon when you want your pork and if you want the entire experience of watching your pig from birth to butcher.  When you purchase a share, it is attached to a particular pig in our records, and we will keep you informed as to that pig's progress.  If you are in a rush for your pork, you can purchase shares of a butcher ready animal, but payment must be made before the pig is carried to our butcher.  If for some unforseen reason, your particular animal is not ready at the appointed time, or if your animal is unfortunately lost, we will attach your share to another suitable animal at no charge.  There is no risk on your part.

When you purchase one share, you then own 1/4 of a pig on our farm.  Each share costs $25. Your purchase is non-refundable.  If you change your mind and choose not to continue with our program, you forfeit your share of that pig.  After you purchase your share, we will raise your pig for you.  We will assume all risks associated with raising livestock, and we will do all the feeding, caring, fencing, and any other associated tasks.  We will deliver the pig to the butcher for processing, at which time we will notify you of your pig's hanging weight.  This weight will determine the housing and handling charge for your share of the pig.  We calculate the housing and handling fee at $4.25 per pound hanging weight.  Simply stated, the 300 pound pig above had a hanging weight of 210 pounds.  Thus, for your single share of the pig, one quarter of that 210 pound hanging weight is your housing and handling fee at $4.25 per pound for a total fee of $223.13.  This is payable before you take delivery of your pork.

This is a great way to fill your freezer with gourmet pork and become more closely conncected to where your food comes from.  We take your food choices very seriously and we are honored and humbled to be a factor in those choices.

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