Weanling Piglets

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We have several newly weaned piglets that will be ready for processing this coming fall. Contact us now to reserve your share early before they are all spoken for.  They are already going fast! Our Own George Mason

Meet our Farm Family

Take a moment to meet the pigs who make Dancing Pigs Farm possible, pleasurable, and occasionally, preposterous!   
large black pig

Large Black Pigs!
Perfect Pastured Pork

"All animals interest those who raise them, but of those that are eaten, the one that stirs the most emotion in the farmer is the pig.  Like himself, his pig is curious, stubborn, and independent." -John Thorne, Serious Pig

Heritage Pork Raised on Grass & Sunshine!

Dancing Pigs FarmDancing Pigs Farm is a small, family operated farm located in beautiful Nottoway County Virginia.  We are committed to bringing our customers the absolute best pork available.  We raise a heritage breed of pig, called the Large Black Pig, due to its superiority in flavor and texture.  We use no pesticides, growth hormones, or preventative antibiotics at Dancing Pigs Farm, and we strive to raise our animals humanely and as close to the way nature intended as possible.                                                   More About Us

Why We Do What We Do

Many have asked why we raise our pigs in the way that we do.  We could raise more pigs in a smaller space by following the huge commercial pork operations, so why not?  We will try to briefly explain why we raise our animals the way we do on Dancing Pigs Farm.
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